Bouncing Off the Walls Happy & Excited

May 8, 2006


Last week I found out that the most fabulous Christian band ever, the Newsboys, are coming to my town for a concert! And I’ve just purchased tickets for Dan, Trevor and me to go see them! (Really good seats, too, which makes it twice as nice!)

The Newsboys not only sound great, but their music is spiritual, smart and funny, often all at the same time. They sing about being pressured to not talk about God or one’s faith, discouragement in witnessing to others and heeding God’s call, the joy of being a Christian, etc.

Here’s an example of some of their more beautiful lyrics (“Love You Tomorrow”):

We’’ve walked along a sandy beach
I’’ve talked You’ve listened
Sometimes we laughed
Sometimes we just enjoyed each other
I don’’t know why You love me
I just know it’s there
Father, Father I have longed to know Your way

For You have seen me
With emptiness behind my eyes
And You will look for me
And long to hear me say

Cause I’ll love You tomorrow
More than today
A love that grows stronger
In a very special way

And when the sands grew deep
You carried me to higher ground
And we’d rejoice and share the Love
That we have deep inside
You won’t leave me, I won’t lose You
For our love is never blind
For there is nothing in this world
That can give me what You can


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