Disney Album Update & Pictures for Jo

May 6, 2006

Okay, first of all, here are pictures of my shutter layout. I’m sorry they’re so lame, I just didn’t have time to scan and stitch all that. Here’s the layout closed:

And then opened:

So, today I did the layouts for the Cinderellabration. That’s two 12×12 and three 7×7. I only have two more things to scrap — the SpectraMagic parade and the fireworks at Magic Kingdom. Along with breakfast at the castle and the Cinderellabration, these were the last things we did on our trip, they were the most fantastic, and they are the ones I am most scared to scrap — I just don’t feel as if I can do them justice. High pressure scrapping at its best. hahaha

Nevertheless (I love that word, BTW), I will press on and scrap some more tomorrow if time permits.

I’ve scrapped 167 pages so far this year! Whoo hoo!


One comment

  1. ::falls over::

    it’s beautiful!

    simply beautiful!

    did I give you that princess title too? I’m so impressed with you!!

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