April 27, 2006

I am such a dork.

On New Years Day 2005, as we were packing up the Christmas decorations, Trevor informed me that he had accidentally spilled some candy (Pop Rocks, I believe) in his stocking and that the inside of said stocking was all gooey.

Now, this is not your average run-of-the-mill Christmas stocking purchased at Target for $14.99. Oh no. This is one that I did in needlepoint and then sewed together (!) for him when he was just a wee little thing. So extra care had to be taken in removing the candy goo without making the red felt backing bleed or breaking any of the needlework stitches, or otherwise messing it up. I took it down to the laundry room to administer some TLC and continued packing up the Christmas stuff.

Fortunately, some days later, I was able to get the candy out without damaging the stocking, but then I faced the dilemma of having to put the stocking someplace safe where it wouldn’t be forgotten about. If I wasn’t such a dork, I would have asked Dan to take it up to the attic and drop it in one of the plastic bins where we store our Christmas stuff.

But for some strange (stupid) reason, I decided to squirrel it away here in the house in a place where I would be sure to find it the following Christmas, knowing that if I put it anyplace else, I would forget about it and not be able to find it.

(As an aside, let me mention that I had started a similar needlepoint stocking for Sophia and was finding it very difficult to do for many reasons. First of all, there are something like 8 different shades of blue and 6 different shades of green in that sucker. And my eyes aren’t what they used to be. And I don’t really do needlework any more because my hands and eyes are always busy doing something else, usually involving a computer. But I felt like I should do one for Sophia because I had done one for Trevor. So mama guilt got the best of me and I bought this blasted needlepoint stocking kit in January 2002, when I was still pregnant.)

So, this year on Black Friday, our family’s traditional Christmas decorating day, we pulled out all of the stuff from the attic and — you guessed it — the stocking was not there. I searched in every container, every drawer, cabinet, anything that had ever been even remotely associated with Christmas. I couldn’t find it any where. I even went to Target and bought a substitute stocking to hang from the mantel, figuring that would be sure to make the old one appear. It didn’t.

(And to be honest, as upset as I was, a little voice kept saying, “Hehehe, now you don’t have to finish that other one that you started FOUR YEARS AGO. Yippee!”)

TODAY, I was looking for my lighter and could not find it… I checked the two places where we usually keep it and didn’t see it, so then I went to look on the mantel, thinking maybe we had left it there after lighting a candle. I saw some red poking up behind a picture frame and grabbed it, thinking it was the lighter but IT WAS TREVOR’S STOCKING!!

So now the obvious dilemma is, what do I do with it? Put it back on the mantel, since this moment of dorkiness is now burned into my memory? Have Dan put it in the attic with the other stuff, like I should have done to begin with? Make Trevor hang it in his closet for the next 7 months?

No matter what I do, one thing is clear: I have to finish Sophia’s stocking now. Arrrrggghhh!



  1. I love that this “moment of dorkiness” is burned in your memory forever! Thanks for my morning laugh, it felt good. And that is one beautiful stocking! Can’t wait to see what Sophia’s looks like when you’re done. 😉

  2. whooooo hooooooooooo!

    YES! Finish the stocking .. and have Dan put TREVORS stocking in the attic NOW.


    this instant



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