Could Someone Please Explain to Me …

April 24, 2006

…. how Rita Cosby ever got a career in broadcast journalism?!?! Have you heard her voice? She sounds perpetually hoarse and straining for breath, to the point where it is actually painful to listen to her. And yet she is on MSNBC every weeknight at 9 pm with “Rita Cosby: Live & Direct.” We had it on by accident just a few minutes ago and I had to change the channel. Because even as I sat here working on eBay stuff, that voice broke through my concentration like fingernails on a chalkboard. I’m not saying she isn’t competent, just that maybe she would be better suited to a career in print journalism.


One comment

  1. omg, i’ve wondered the SAME thing. isn’t it weird? she probably got the job because, you know, they always want the women to use the deeper version of their voices, so I guess she was perfect. But it does sound really strange. it’s like her voice doesn’t fit her face.

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