Five Favorite Bookmarks

April 23, 2006

I’ve spent some time going through my list of favorite web sites and rediscovering some of my old faves that I haven’t visited in quite some time:

  1. I found this pseudo-website of pictures from our trip to England way back in May 2000. I had totally forgotten that I’d put some of our pictures on the web!
  2. Phyllis Morris — this company has the most scrumptious looking beds I have ever seen. Check out the De Medici bed under Featured Designs… looks like it came straight from a Renaissance palace! I know I’ll never be able to afford one but I like to daydream about them…
  3. List of Word and Phrase Origins — I’m a word geek. I love language and I’m fascinated by its evolution.
  4. Dr. James Dobson’s Perspective on Halloween — I bookmarked this a while back for future reference in case anyone gets on my case about trick-or-treating with the kids.
  5. Select Smart — loads of quizzes on pretty much anything you can imagine.


  1. Hey Julie, thanks for the link to the Dobson site. It looks like a great place to wander awhile.

  2. I agree with what Dobson said about the trick or treating. It’s funny how many parents don’t just use a common sense approach to things like this. It doesn’t have to be about evil if you don’t make it about evil. Gee whiz.

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