Naptime Tantrum

April 17, 2006

Me: Okay, Sophia, it’s naptime, let’s go potty and then pick out a story.
Her: “Can I have some more chocolate before I take a nap?”
Me: No.
Her: “Whhhyyyyyyyyy-uh?”
Me: Because you’ve already had enough, and you don’t need to eat chocolate right before your nap.
Her: “Can I have a snack out of the basket?”
Me: No, you’ve already had your snack. Now, go potty before you take your nap.”
Her: “Noooooo-uh! I don’t have to go potty!”
Me: (pulling down her pants and sitting her on the potty) Go.
Her: “Noooooo-uh! I don’t have to go potty!” (Crying commences.) (Tinkle, tinkle. Wipe. Pants up. Head to bedroom.)
Me: Pick out a story.
Her: (still crying. volume and pitch are both increasing.) “Noooo, I don’t want to take a nap!”
Me: If you don’t pick out a story, I will pick one out for you. (More crying/screaming. I pick a book, put her on the bed and sit down to read to her.)
Her: “I don’t want that book! I don’t like it!”
Me:Well, you had a chance to pick out one yourself and you didn’t. So I get to pick. (And she does like it, it’s a Disney Princess book.)

From there, it degenerated into a lot of screaming and fit-throwing the likes of which I have never seen my precious daughter do before. I give my kids a lot of second chances and advance warnings (probably more than I should), but this was so bad I pretty much had to put my foot down and say, “All right, you’ve been so poorly behaved, I cannot read you a story now. I will read you a story at bedtime tonight, but you get no story at nap time.” Which, of course, just led to more screaming and tantrum throwing. It was not pretty:

So now my ears are ringing and (I kid you not!) my ovaries hurt.


  1. okay , I’m sorry , but I’m laughing. And I’m laughing simply because at least I’m not the ONLY ONE that this happens to!

    (( super duper hugs to you woman ))

  2. Inquiring minds want to know…so did she take a nap? Did she wear herself out from crying so much that she just fell asleep, doing that little hicupping breathing thing that always makes me feel like a bad mommy, or as Angela would say “a meanie meanie”! LOL

  3. I love that second picture.

    I have this moment with my three-year-old (or I did, when he was still napping). And, like you, I sometimes get to the breaking point, because he is CLEARLY too tired to do ANYTHING but nap. Which is how I feel when it’s over.

  4. Thank you so much for this post – my daughter has been throwing the hugest tantrums the past two days at nap time, using every delaying tactic she can think of. I am going crazy with the power struggle. Arg.

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