Stemming the Tide of Panic

April 12, 2006

Lately, for no immediately obvious reason, I have been feeling very anxious when it comes to money. If you were to look at our finances, you would see that there hasn’t been any real change in our income or expenses… but there are several things looming on the horizon that have me worried.

First, for some crazy reason that I haven’t fully grasped, the local electric companies will be raising their rates by about 70% sometime in the near future. Our summer electric bills run about $400, so looking at them increasing to $680 a month (more than the mortgage payment on my last house!) is a bit daunting. I really need to read up on this and figure out why it’s happening and if anything can be done to make it less financially painful.

Second, gas prices. The price for a gallon of gas has gone up at least 20 cents in the past five days, and recent reports have stated that it will be $3.00 per gallon by summer. While I know that I am fortunate enough to live in an area where gas is cheaper than in many other locations, I’m still a bit put off by the possibility of filling up costing over $50. Especially since I only average 16-18 miles per gallon.

Third, Sophia is hell-bent on giving up her afternoon naps. That two hour window of peace and quiet is when I do my eBay work. So, one might ask how I can get any work done (i.e., generate some income) with a very active “high maintenance” child underfoot? Answer: I can’t.

So just the thought of all these things is enough to make me want to hyperventilate. I am going to knuckle down and save more/spend less NOW before it becomes a drastic situation where I have to do so.

(Special Note to Lisa: “NOW” means right after I get some Starbucks coffee tomorrow. LOL)



  1. Wow, now you have me anxious too! We have Choptank, so our electric won’t be going up as much as yours. And ever since gas prices went crazy, I’ve combined errands so I’m traveling less, but still. Those are 2 biggies. Oh yeah, our medical insurance is getting ready to go up by about a hundred a month. Maybe I need to save more and spend less. Maybe I should start selling on ebay. LOL

  2. […] are ones that I buy pre-grown and then transplant. But earlier this year I was feeling particularly cautious about how we were spending our money, so I decided to try seeds again. Sophia and I picked out two vegetables and two flowers. We […]

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