Can I Get a Social Security Number for the Cat and Claim Her as a Dependent?

April 10, 2006

This past Thursday evening, I noticed that my beloved Miss Daisy had begun limping and wasn’t putting any weight on her rear left leg. I picked her up and gently touched her foot to make sure she didn’t have something stuck in the pad of her foot. She didn’t flinch or fuss when I poked and prodded her, so I figured she must have some sort of pulled muscle or sprain that would heal over time.

However, she did not get any better over the weekend and in fact her leg started to look abnormal to me, so off to the vet we went this morning. The doctor examined her amidst her very vocal protests and said that she did not appear to have any broken bones, but that her knee was swollen and he wanted to do some x-rays. They couldn’t do it then and there, so we had to board her for a half day until they could get around to it.

Sophia, my future veterinarian, let loose with the loudest, most mournful wail I have ever heard when she realized that we weren’t taking Miss Daisy home with us. I tried to explain that they were taking x-rays of Daisy’s leg and we would be picking her up later but it was no use. I finally had to give her a lollipop to stem the flow of tears and divert her attention to less traumatic matters. I know, bad mommy, but reasoning with her just wasn’t working!

We finally got Daisy back this afternoon, and we were $250 poorer as a result. She has three medications she is supposed to take and has to go back again in 7-10 days for a follow up visit. She has a torn ligament and some swelling, probably from an injury that occurred 8 weeks ago. There is an 80% chance that the medicine we were given will not help and she will require surgery to fix it. (That’s another $700!)

But wait, there’s more! If Daisy doesn’t lose about 5 pounds (almost 1/3 of her total weight), there is a 60% chance that she will have this problem again. And if she does lose those 5 pounds, there’s still a 40% chance that it will happen again.

There ought to be a way that you can get health insurance coverage for pets. A $50 copay sounds a whole lot better to me than $1000 a shot for knee surgery, multiple times over the course of her life. And she’s probably going to live another 7 years or so.

So, now we’re back in financial crunch mode. Yippee (not!). Back to the eBay grindstone…



  1. There is pet insurance available. They offer it where my mother works, and will do automatic payroll deduction for the premium. If you’re interested I could get the name of the carrier. I’m right there with you on this one, Julie. We have spent a small fortune on Weaser, with his special food (that all the cats eat), meds (he is on daily medication), and vet visits. He is 14 years old, so we just try to enjoy him and make him happy while we can!
    I hope Daisy is up and around soon!

  2. Poor Daisy! I think the diet might be harder for her than the injury! LOL! I really hope that she’s feeling better soon though.

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