Discovery Health Channel: Dr. Know

April 8, 2006

This afternoon, I stumbled across a show on the Discovery Health Channel called Dr. Know. Hosted by a likeable New Zealand physician, the show sets out to “debunk, deflate, discredit and demystify medical and health myths, folk tales and truisms passed along from generation to generation.”

It was entertaining and fascinating! The show I tuned in to was “Gender Breakers,” and was examining whether or not women have better powers of observation than men. (Not surprisingly, we do.) That episode was followed by “H-2-Ouch!” which examined whether or not snake venom can be sucked out of a bite wound (it can’t) and whether bottled water was better than tap water (it isn’t). Along the way, I learned some interesting bits of trivia:

  • Women are especially apt to notice (and remember) colors of things.
  • Venomous snakes have pupils that are elongated and oval shaped (like a cat’s); non-venomous snakes have round pupils. (Not that I would ever get close enough to look at a snake’s eyes, mind you!)
  • Snake venom is a form of saliva.

Check out this show — it’s really good! For a schedule of when it’s being shown, click here.

One comment

  1. Emily loves the Discovery Health Channel, and has shared various tidbits of information that she learned from Dr. Know. Very fascinating stuff!

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