I’m Already Robbed of Quite Enough Sleep, Thank You

April 3, 2006

I really, really hate Daylight Savings Time. It usually takes me about 2 weeks to get adjusted, particularly when we “spring forward.” This twice a year ritual has outlived any usefulness that it may have served when it was first implemented 100 years ago. And unlike so many other things, the fact that its origins are English does NOT make it more endearing to me.

Losing an hour of sleep is not something that I am particularly keen on. I lose enough sleep as it is with two kids who sometimes require middle-of-the-night attention and an obese cat who is convinced that she is starving to death (Daisy will meow outside the bedroom door in the pre-dawn hours trying to wake us up so we will feed her.)

And why do we have to lose that hour in the wee hours of Sunday morning? Why can’t we set the clocks ahead at lunch time on Friday, so we can get started on our weekend a little early?

My son has promised me that if he ever becomes president, he will abolish Daylight Savings Time for me. I’m thinking of having campaign buttons made — Vote for Trevor in 2036.



  1. […] Yep, it’s time to Fall Back and do the happy dance! Rejoice with me as we say goodbye to the dreaded Daylight Savings Time, even if only temporarily. […]

  2. I totally agree and do not understand why the vote hasn’t been taken to the people. Why does congress think they should be entitled to bump it up almost a month early anyway?

    There is no way to “save” daylight. They days are longer anyway during the summer months, so what is the point in cheating people out of an hour of sleep each morning? It takes me about a month to get my body used to the change, and I will always hate it.

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